Marketing For Good

Supercharge your Brand's Sustainability

Boost conversion while making the planet a cleaner place

What we do

Supercharge the Sustainability of your Brand with Expandi Marketing for Good

Getting the attention of the key Decision Makers in the Accounts you are interested in is getting harder and harder. As companies’ workforces became younger and their priorities change so the message and strategy to target them should change.

With Expandi Marketing for Good you can promote your Brand in a stronger way, contribute directly to a cleaner planet and engage with prospects’ clients speaking their language and boosting the results of your marketing activities.

Both Brands and Prospects will help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Generate growth while making the planet a cleaner place with Expandi Marketing for Good.

What we do

Marketing for Good in action

Choose the initiatives you want to support, supercharge your marketing activities and make the planet a better place.

Step 1:
Subscribe to one or more initiatives

Select from one of the three partner projects you’d like to offer to your target audience.

Plant Trees

Plant Trees
Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet and one of the earth's greatest natural resources. Despite their importance, we cut down 15 billion trees a year.

With our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant 50% of trees across the world in Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique. The other 50% will be planted in Nepal.

Carbon Removal Program

Carbon Removal Program
Reduce the overall Carbon footprint supporting Rimba Raya Reserve. The organisation meets all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, provides carbon credit for ease of offer, income streams for micro-financing to support conservation and protects forests, etc.

Remove Plastic from the Ocean

Remove Plastic from the Ocean
Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year, with a total estimated 150 million tons of plastic currently in our oceans. Currently only 7% of used plastic gets recycled. helps organisations kickstart circular plastic supply chains that clean oceans.

Step 2:
Select the structure of the sustainability incentive

Based on your budget select how to structure the incentives. For example plant 1 tree for each action or remove 50 plastic bottles for each action.

Step 3:
Select the action to reward and boost the conversion rate

Examples of actions that trigger the sustainability rewards: download an asset, watch a video, attend a webinar, fill in a survey, etc.

Step 4:
Receive the program certificate

The client receives a certificate proving the completion of the sustainability program while the prospect accesses the sustainability awards via a dedicated App.

Note: All our sustainability programs are VERRA Certified.

Boost conversion and create a stronger attachment between Prospects and Brands with Expandi Marketing for Good.